How it Works

Piknic was born out of our belief that high-quality website designs should be available even for those with tight deadlines and smaller budgets. Compromising on quality isn’t our thing.

Pick a design image

1. Pick a design and complete the Get Started form.

Schedule a call with our team image

2. Schedule a kick-off call with our team.

3. Send us your logo, imagery, and website content.

Create your site image

4. We’ll create your site!

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I choose Piknic over other website providers?

To learn about what makes Piknic the best option, check out our homepage.

What is the difference between Piknic sites and fully custom websites?

Both Piknic websites and custom designs by Blender guarantee you'll get the highest quality work that an award-winning agency can offer. The difference lies in your goals.

Piknic sites are ideal if your company’s priority is a fast website launch or if you’re working with a limited budget. With Piknic, most of the design and development work is done ahead of time, and the designs are then repurposed for future projects.

If your company’s main goal is having a website that is 100% unique to you, and you have some flexibility when it comes to a launch date and some wiggle room in your budget, then a custom website would be the way to go.

Designs and Customization

Can I make changes to the Piknic designs, or add additional features?

Yes! Piknic sites can be changed to fit your company’s needs. The designs* were built to be flexible, so in most cases any simple changes are taken care of free of charge. More detailed customization is also available for an additional cost.

*Note about designs: We are always creating new Piknic designs to keep our inventory fresh and to ensure your website stays unique. After 8 uses, a design retires to the Piknic ‘Hall of Fame’.

What types of changes are included with Piknic, and what changes are considered customization with an extra cost?

The Piknic designs have been specifically created to include flexibility when it comes to your company’s content. For the most part, we can alter your design based on the amount of company projects, number of people on your management team, etc. We also transform the design you’ve chosen with your brand colours, your logo, and your specific imagery. Other changes, such as altering the website structure, adding extra pages, or implementing additional website features are available for an additional cost.

Timelines and Client Involvement

What materials do I need to provide on my end?

To make the process go as smoothly as possible, once you’ve finalized your design choice and had a kickoff call with our team, we will send you your ‘Piknic Basket’. The Piknic Basket includes everything you need to get ready for us and send over (all at once please!) Ingredients will include items like your logo, your brand colors and guidelines, and all images. A bit further on in the process, once you’ve finalized your website structure (or sitemap) with our Project Manager, you’ll need to send us the completed content for your entire website.

What is the timeline for launching a Piknic website?

Timelines are influenced by a number of factors. Depending on the availability of our development team, your Piknic site will be up and running in as little as 2-3 weeks. This relies heavily, however, on the client's ability to provide us with all the elements required in the Piknic Basket, as well as site content, in a timely fashion.

If you are planning to incorporate customized elements within your Piknic site, we’ll give you an estimated timeline after we’ve chatted with you more about your specific needs.